KM2 Shoes and Accessories

Month: August, 2011

Have A Happy Day!

Photographer Leah Sostman creates a fairy princess shoot using KM2! Her model, Chelsea Spack, is wearing the  Charlotte headband and a new from  Km2 Corset. tell us what you think…



Kristi and Trevor Pinkham Wedding by Beautiful Mess Photography

This stunning wedding, photographed by Beautiful Mess Photography, pretty much speaks for itself. Take a look now, you won’t be disappointed!



The Beautiful Bride!





Like always, nothing makes us happier than helping a couple enjoy their special evening even more with our customized shoes! Custom order yours today by emailing or going to! Have a wonderful day!

St. Louis Boutique Owner Wearing GEMMA

STL socialite and Cha Boutique owner, Sarah Garlich, sporting a fashionable KM2 belt, the Gemma! She looked super cute! You couldn’t have paired a cuter combo! BUY IT NOW!

Sarah and the Bride!


Sarah sparkling in Gemma with her husband

Let us know how you wear your KM2. Great for any occasion! And come into CHA to buy your own! xoxo!