Chateau de Chenonceau: Matti G’s Next Stop

by Km2 Shoes & Accessories

Like promised, here are new pics of Matti G at Chateau de Chenonceau, a gorgeous castle on the River Cher built in the 16th century.

Matti G band overlooking the Marques Tower

Changing it up with a Matti G inspired wrap bracelet, because, why not?! Paired with this beautiful Paris ring from Creation D’ici et D’Ailleurs, you really can’t go wrong!

Matti G at the Marques wishing well

Next, we have the Matti G band resting on the castle’s original main door dating back to the era of Francois I, where his trademark Salamander leaves its mark on the top and the arms of Thomas Bohier and Katherine Briconnet adorn the main doorways.
More to come!! Stay updated, and in the meantime…order a Matti G band at! They are ready to order NOW! XOXO