Heading Overseas: Km2 Goes to Paris

by Km2 Shoes & Accessories

Over the past few weeks, the simple yet chic MATTI G band has been traveling around the Paris streets —from shopping, to Versailles, to Bastille Day, to historic castle tours and all the more, the Matti G band has seen it all, and made her KM2 girls look good while doing it!

So let’s start the tour of Matti G’s vacation…at the historic Chateau of Versailles!

Hall of Mirrors

Friend of Km2, Valerie Rhomberg, sporting an easy and stylish Km2 look!


Versailles Golden Gates

So there is a little sneak peak…check back with us for more Paris pictures from Chateau de Chenonceau tomorrow (you don’t want to miss these!) But in the meantime, tell us your Paris vacation stories and let us know if you would sport the Matti G band there too! XOXO

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