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Month: July, 2011

Celebrating France: Matti G Band on Bastille Day

Enjoying fireworks by the Eiffel Tower, check.

Enjoying time with family and friends, check.

Feeling “hair” free and relaxed with the Matti G band, check!


So, tell us, how do you like to wear your KM2! And which one do you like to wear the most! And if you don’t know…we suggest you check out our website…….just to get started! XOXO


Chateau de Chenonceau: Matti G’s Next Stop

Like promised, here are new pics of Matti G at Chateau de Chenonceau, a gorgeous castle on the River Cher built in the 16th century.

Matti G band overlooking the Marques Tower

Changing it up with a Matti G inspired wrap bracelet, because, why not?! Paired with this beautiful Paris ring from Creation D’ici et D’Ailleurs, you really can’t go wrong!

Matti G at the Marques wishing well

Next, we have the Matti G band resting on the castle’s original main door dating back to the era of Francois I, where his trademark Salamander leaves its mark on the top and the arms of Thomas Bohier and Katherine Briconnet adorn the main doorways.
More to come!! Stay updated, and in the meantime…order a Matti G band at! They are ready to order NOW! XOXO

Heading Overseas: Km2 Goes to Paris

Over the past few weeks, the simple yet chic MATTI G band has been traveling around the Paris streets —from shopping, to Versailles, to Bastille Day, to historic castle tours and all the more, the Matti G band has seen it all, and made her KM2 girls look good while doing it!

So let’s start the tour of Matti G’s vacation…at the historic Chateau of Versailles!

Hall of Mirrors

Friend of Km2, Valerie Rhomberg, sporting an easy and stylish Km2 look!


Versailles Golden Gates

So there is a little sneak peak…check back with us for more Paris pictures from Chateau de Chenonceau tomorrow (you don’t want to miss these!) But in the meantime, tell us your Paris vacation stories and let us know if you would sport the Matti G band there too! XOXO

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Ashley Greene: Look of the Day

WAIT?!? Do you see what I see? Is Ashley Greene wearing KM2 SHOES?

Well, not exactly… but they sure do look KM2 inspired! Imagine your favorite pair of KM2 shoes with such a simple combo as a skinny jean (Ashley’s by James Jeans) and an effortless white top of any kind! Tell us your favorite way to wear KM2 during your everyday errands! And get your KM2 while you can to pull off this summer go-to look! XOXO

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Rachel Bilson: Look of the Day

After recovering from a late night 4th of July, this casual and comfy look only seemed right for our look of the day! Rachel Bilson in Beverly Hills with cutoff denim shorts and a tweed blazer! Love it (and that coffee looks great too!)

Just imagine pairing it with these easy-to-walk in pumps…

Or BETTER yet, these KM2 leather boots!

Which shoe is more YOU?! Let us know, and here’s to wishing everyone had a safe and fun 4th! XOXO -KM2


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A Stylish Fourth! Our favorite Red, White and Blue Picks!

Happy Holiday KM2 followers! We are keeping it simple this holiday weekend by sharing our favorite red, white, and blue shoe picks with you as you celebrate with family, friends and fireworks! Check them out and enjoy your day! Make sure to keep it a classy and stylish Fourth of July! XOXO -KM2

White Firebird







Check out the FEET! Red and Blue Pride!





Add some color to your white dresses, brides, with the red stella!


Blue Sparkle Eva


Red Stella Flora

The Little Black Shoe

LOOK OF THE DAY: Jennifer Aniston wearing Balenciaga with Versace sandals!


So, if the LBD (Little Black Dress) can look this good on your body, why not on your feet?! Check out KM2′s LBS (Little Black Shoe) that goes with every color from A to Z! Not to mention we added a little sparkle and shine (DUH!) Let us know if you would sport these LBS around the town! And if you like them, order them at info@km2shoes now or message us on Facebook! They go fast!!! xoxo and happy shopping -KM2

Jeweled Judith

Black Stella Flora



The Audrey with a Deep Violet Bow


The Eva with a Crystal Band


The Stevie

Saturday Chic: Hanneli Mustaparta

Today’s look of the day is Hanneli Mustaparta wearing this Whyred shirt, Pinkyotto shorts, Rag and Bone boots and a complimentary Coach bag on June 22.

Looking effortlessly gorgeous it’s hard to think of anything to change on this trendy look, yet imagine a caramel brown Heather velvet belt around the waistband and switching out the booties for a chunky and funky km2 nude heel! That’s how we would km2 customize this look, so let us know what you think or what you would do to add your own flair!

Brown Velvet Heather Belt

 Order items just like these at km2shoes and add some flair into your everyday outfits! Wishing you all a marvelous weekend! xoxo -km2

Marigold Peplum: Beyonce’s Look of the Day

Look of the day: Beyonce wearing a marigold peplum dress while shopping in London! A perfect hue for summer and fall! Beyonce’s plain and pretty style choice makes her the perfect canvas for a Km2 spruce up. Imagine pairing this dress with a Km2 Charlotte belt around the waist for subtle sparkle and flirty fun! Check out a similar Km2 look below!

Or better yet, pairing it with these BOLD new pumps for an upcoming fall day? What do you think?!

The Firebird

Thanks for checking us out, and order your km2 today at info@km2shoes ! xoxo -km2