KM2 Giving Back: Subtle Sparkle Never Hurt Anyone

by Km2 Shoes & Accessories

This past weekend km2 supported the organization Youth Lifeline America, founded by Ram’s Superbowl champ, Roland Williams, at their fundraiser with the best way they know how – sporting km2 accessories and shoes! The night was a success filled with food, fun and prizes! Our own intern, Jenny Schrader, even won a cruise!

Katie Smiley sporting Charlotte (left) and Matti Gelber sporting Gemma (right) — how do you wear your km2 belts? Also spotted in this photo, the GOLD km2 Esther coil bracelet, a must have for every outfit! Anyone have a favorite color?!

Owner, Katelyn Gelber, even came out to support-look how just a simple bracelet can MAKE an outfit 10 times better! LOVE the coil wraps! Perfect for every occasion! Order yours know at or contact at km2!

Don’t forget to support our MARINES during St. Louis Marine Week – they had a great time with the Km2 crew!

Much love from St. Louis this weekend! XOXO