KM2 photoshoot insider-new pics coming soon!

by Km2 Shoes & Accessories

Jordan Fox beautifying models pre photoshoot, she did an AMAZING job

Intern Hayley Fox , in the cheetah tank, helping out photographer Joan Fisher style hair

Interns Jenny Shrader (left) and Katie Smiley (right) learning the ropes–they love km2!!

A preview of whats to come – km2 headbands and belts; Starburst, Victoria, Gemma, Samantha and Tigerlilys towards the end…which km2 band will you be sporting this season? Check them out A.S.A.P


New Km2 headbands in the works—for info contact and check out our new product shots coming soon!

But let us know what you think of this look by Patsy Meyer from yesterdays photshoot – The Gemma with BLACK! Great for the upcoming fall season! We love your feedback!!