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Month: February, 2011

Cheese Rules. Km2 Shoes and The Cheese Impresario!

Have you met the Cheese Impresario? If not, you are missing out. Barrie Lynn The Cheese Impresario,” is our cultural mentor, our teacher of all things Cheese, and also a friend we love dearly!We  have had the pleasure of going to many an  event with Barrie Lynn, You can see our Km2 Crystal Shoes sparkling from behind the Cheese table while we help Barrie Lynn introduce people to the wonderful world of artisanal Cheese and glorious pairings that will take your taste buds on a wild ride! Who would of thought you could pair Couture fashion with food?! Here at Km2 we are all major foodies and think everyone should get to try a great piece of cheese! Maybe even throw a cheese party! Check out a few of Barrie Lynn’s Web Segments with Small Screen Networks below that will whet your appetite and take you on an amazing adventure.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? A cheese and shoe party?! Pictures of ours coming soon, and also stay tuned for Km2 to appear on one of “The Cheese Impresario’s spectacular episodes.

We picked our top 3 favorites for you Shoe and Food Lovers to Check out! (but they are all amazing) CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO WATCH

1) How to Throw a Cheese and Wine Party

2) How to Throw a Cheese Tasting Party (Have all your friends dress up in their favorite heels and throw a cheese party!)

3) Peanut Brittle, Gorgonzola Grilled Cheese (This one is just out of control!)

And if you really want to join the CHEESE ADVENTURE ilike CHEESE RULES on Facebook !

Km2’s Megan and Katelyn below with Barrie Lynn and her Artisanal Cheeses at Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino’s Baby Shower !

Km2 At the Golden Globe Gifting Suites

Check out Barrie Lynn’s Bio Below :

Cheese is the new black, says Barrie Lynn – The Cheese Impresario and host of the new online video series CHEESE RULES. Appearing on Small Screen Network CHEESE RULES is dedicated to educating viewers and increasing their pleasure with all things cheese including how to serve it, how to cook with it, how to throw a cheese tasting party, and how to increase pleasure by pairing cheese with wine, beer, sake, spirits, and cocktails.

Barrie Lynn has produced and taught cheese tasting events around the country, including Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival, Wine Spectator’s New York Wine Experience, the Ministry of Rum San Francisco Rum Festival, the Los Angeles Times Celebration of Food & Wine, Denver International Wine Festival, and Great Tastes Culinary Festival in Baltimore.

Her passion for cheese was brought to the stars of Hollywood via her personally hosted Cheese Tasting Adventure Parties for the Oscars, Emmys and the Golden Globe Awards.  She has led cheese tastings for celebrities like Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia, Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin, Actor/Musician Terrence Howard, NFL star Shaun Phillips, musicians Slash, Dee Snyder, and Jason Bonham, as well as the cast & crew of Showtime’s hit TV show WEEDS.

Barrie Lynn is also the cheese editor for The Beverly Hills Times and the “Cheese + Drink” editor of Mutineer Magazine.  The Cheese Impresario has been featured in USA TODAY, VARIETY, Wine Spectator, The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Candy, ELLE Magazine, the popular food blog EatingLA, Martha Stewart Living Radio, KGO TV, KTLA TV and E! Entertainment.


Crossing the Line, Km2 Accessorizes an All American Athlete


Meagan Hudson, All American Athlete and National Champion,  Runs in Km2’s Matti G Headband at at meet. She has every color for every outfit. You can Order at to Get the Look.

She makes running look effortless, we love this Km2 Girl.

Running List of Awards for Meagan Hudson:

~3 time all american in cross country placing 24th, 13th, and 5th at nationals in college.
~5 time all american in track placing 5th 2 times, 4th, and 3rd 2 times in college.
~3 time national champion for AAU and USATF Junior Olympics-setting a new national record each year in high school.
~State champion in cross country-setting a new state record.
~State champion in track and field-#3 time for the top performance times in the mile.
~12 time regional champion in track and field for AAU and USATF.
~Holds meet records at 5 high schools
~Holds meet records at 4 colleges, also 4 conference records in track.

Meagan also has the most all american honors for Missour Baptist College ever and holds the mobap record for the mile, 1,000m, and steeplechase.

Cooler than me…. Meg whips it in Km2 Shoes and Sonya Ooten Cosmos

Meg in Km2 Leather Bow Audrey’s, Sonya Ooten Cosmo Earrings, A vintage Levis Shirt, and Lace Skirt.

Just me messing around on imovie after a few too many late night diet cokes…. I will get very good at this editing business. xoxo katelyn